Acrylic plastic material, often referred to by familiar trade names like Plexiglas® and Acrylite® is strong, lightweight and more resistant to impact than glass. It’s highly weather and chemical-resistant, and is available through Midland in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Acrylic Plastic Material Applications:
  • Windows
  • Signs
  • Lighting/Domes
  • Architectural Skylights
  • POP Displays
  • Exhibits
  • Basketball Backboards
  • Lenses
  • Sneeze Guards
  • Museum Display Case
  • Window and Architectural Glazing
  • Boat Parts
  • Lighting Diffusers
  • Sporting Goods
  • Picture Framing

Benefits of Acrylic Plastic Material

  • Highly weather-resistant
  • Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures
  • Acrylic mirrors offer a lightweight, easy-to-install alternative to glass
  • Acrylic Sheets – Standard sheet sizes range from 48" x 96" to 104" x 216", with thicknesses ranging from 0.030" to 4".
  • Acrylic Rods – Cast rods are available in stock diameters ranging from 0.25" to 8". Colored extruded rod is also available.
  • Acrylic Tubes – Cast tubing (clear only) is available from 1.25" to 27.625" outer diameter (O.D.). For extruded tubes, we carry stock sizes ranging from 0.25" to 6" O.D. in clear. Colors are available up to 12" O.D.

Customers may order sheets and rods cut to custom sizes.

  • Colors and Textures – Midland’s colored acrylic plastic sheets are available in clear, translucent and opaque colors, fluorescent colors and a variety of surface textures.
  • Midland Plastics offers specialty versions with features such as enhanced UV filtering, UV transparency, increased abrasion resistance or increased impact resistance.
  • Midland Plastics offers acrylic rod in both cast and extruded versions and in clear and colors. Cast rod is more optically clear and has better machinability than extruded rod.
  • Acrylic tubing is also available in both cast and extruded versions. Various wall thicknesses are available for both types.
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