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We offer a large variety of plastic materials, custom manufacturing & forming technology. We create what you need.

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Your partners in creating your unique plastic products

Whether you need stock plastic materials or a custom part, the possibilities are endless. We have a large inventory of plastic materials, we offer a variety of manufacturing services, ranging from production cutting to pressure and vacuum forming and custom extrusions.

We also specialize in high-performance plastics and have plastic experts to identify the type of plastic needed for your specifications.

About Us



Custom Manufacturing

We produce high-quality, custom plastic component parts utilizing advanced 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routing, machining, and milling technologies. We also use traditional hand processes like heat bending to produce high-quality fabricated parts.





Manufacturing parts using vacuum, preassure and ridge forming technologies. To ensure consistent, accurate and efficient trimming and routing of formed parts, we use robotic-like 5-axis routers to enhance our forming processes.