5-Axis CNC Routing

Midland’s 5-axis routers, with multiple-axis robotic heads, can trim and route parts that are tall or have multiple surfaces and angles, such as vacuum- or pressure-formed parts. In addition, we can use split-beds to allow for improved efficiency in routing, loading and unloading of parts during the routing process.

Midland Plastics 5-axis CNC routing
  • Trimming and routing vacuum- or pressure-formed parts
  • Post-bend trimming of drape-formed and heat- or cold-bent parts
  • Routing cylinders or tubes
  • Routing complex holes and shapes


  • Router capacities up to 120" long and a depth of 24".
  • Can load or unload one part while another is being routed.
  • Tight production tolerances to route intricate shapes with high repeatability over the entire production run.