Custom Thermoforming

Midland Plastics offers multiple thermoforming processes, depending on the needs of your material or particular application. Vacuum-forming, pressure-forming and drape-forming capabilities let us mold and shape materials to meet your vision.

Midland Plastics custom thermoforming
worker holding vacuum formed plastic sheet

Vacuum Forming

Produces 3-dimensional parts that have slightly rounded edges and softer corners. The vertical edges of a vacuum-formed part have a small taper (known as a draft angle) to facilitate removal of the part from the mold.

pressure formed thermoplastic sheet

Pressure Forming

Converts a flat, thermoplastic sheet into a three-dimensional part at a much higher pressure than regular vacuum forming. This high pressure results in a final product with sharper edges and corners, and can incorporate surface elements like textures and logos directly in the mold.

drape form curved plastic sheets

Drape/Oven Forming

Produces a more gradual bend in plastic sheets than heated line bending. Molds are built based on the application and the material is heated in an oven until the material is pliable enough to be shaped around the mold and cooled.