Die Cutting/CNC Knife Cutting

Thin, flat parts can be cut from plastic sheets through die cutting or CNC knife cutting. In CNC knife cutting, a thin gauge knife can be computer programmed to cut multiple shaped parts out of a single sheet as large as 4’x 8’, eliminating the need for additional setups, maximizing yields of parts per sheet and resulting in cleaner finished edges. Faster and less labor intensive, Midland Plastics recommends CNC knife cutting for increased cost efficiency and higher quality parts.

Midland Plastics die cutting cnc knife cutting
  • Gaskets
  • Spacers
  • Flat Shapes
  • Trimming


  • Easily programmed
  • Can cut many different types of material
  • Reduces material costs by reducing material waste
  • High yield per sheet due to nesting of parts
  • Consistent repeatability of high-tolerance parts
  • Large sheet-cutting capabilities, ideal for large parts
  • Low-cost manufacturing method