CNC Sawing

Midland utilizes multiple CNC programmable saws that provide many advantages for cutting plastic sheet. CNC controls allow us to cut sheets to tight tolerances with accurate dimensions from sheet to sheet, even on high-volume cut jobs or large sheets—as wide as 12 ft. x 12 ft. and five inches thick. The fast speeds of these saws also make them more time and cost efficient for customers, with smoother and cleaner edge finishes than can be achieved with manual saws.

Midland Plastics cnc sawing
  • Jobs that require close tolerance, repeatable dimensions
  • High-volume cut jobs
  • Large architectural glazing and skylight panels


  • More efficient than conventional saws
  • Fast cut times
  • Can cut multiple sheet sizes for better yields
  • Close-tolerance sheet cutting
  • Repeatable dimensional tolerances
  • Can manage high-volume orders