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Midland Plastics Custom plastic components manufacturer, fabricator and assembler

Styrene (Polystyrene)

Midland stocks styrene plastics – also called polystyrene – in sheet form. We distribute high impact styrene (HIPS) plastic as our standard product.

Styrene sheet is characterized by its light weight, toughness and good dielectric (nonconducting) properties, and it is easy to process.

Typical Applications

In thinner dimensions, styrene plastic is easily die cut for signs and displays, or used in component parts. Outdoors, Styrene should be used only in short-term applications because it generally does not weather well unless it is purchased with a custom, weather-resistant coating. Styrene plastics are well-suited for vacuum and pressure forming, and are used extensively in food service packaging.

Styrene plastic is used for such applications as:

  • Signs
  • Displays
  • Exhibits
  • Light lenses
  • Appliance panels
  • Trim strips
  • Packaging
  • Drinking cups

Ordering Options

Standard sheet sizes – 48 by 96 inches. Available thicknesses are .010-inches up to .236-inch.

Standard colors – White and black

Weather-resistant coating – Custom order only