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Midland Plastics Custom plastic components manufacturer, fabricator and assembler


Polypropylene plastic, a member of the polyolefin family, is manufactured in homopolymer and copolymer configurations.

Homopolymer polypropylene is made strictly from polypropylene resin, with no additional resins added. Operating temperatures for this configuration are from 30 to 210 degrees F.

Copolymer polypropylene incorporates additional resins into the mix to enhance the physical properties of the original resin. Additional resins may improve the mechanical aspects of the material as well as change its operating temperatures. Operating temperatures range from minus 20 to plus 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polypropylene is relatively easy to machine or fabricate – but because of its resistance to chemicals, it is difficult to chemically bond the material together. It can, however, be bonded using a variety of plastic welding techniques.

Polypropylene absorbs minimal moisture and has excellent dielectric (nonconducting) strength. It is often used in electrical applications, particularly in the semiconductor industry. In most forms, polypropylene is FDA compliant for use in the food industry.

Typical Applications

Polypropylene plastic is used for such applications as:

  • Tanks
  • Covers
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Water pumps
  • Fume hoods
  • Orthopedic appliances
  • Clicker plates
  • Wash booths
  • Tank liners
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Packaging
  • Insulators

Ordering Options

Midland stocks polypropylene plastic in sheet, rod and tube.


Sizes – Sheet thicknesses range from .020-inch to 2-3/4 inches. Depending on thickness, sheet sizes are typically 48 by 96 inches up to 60 by 120 inches.

Colors – Black or natural

Rods – Polypropylene Welding and Standard

Sizes – Polypropylene welding rod diameters range from .125-inch to .187-inch.

Standard rod diameters range from ¼-inch to 9 inches. For diameters below 2-1/4 inches, standard lengths are 8 or 10 feet; for diameters 2-1/4 inches and greater, standard lengths are 4 feet.

Colors – Black or natural


Configurations – Straight lengths or coils. Because minimum orders may apply, please contact Midland for details.