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Polycarbonate Sheets, Rods And Tubing

Tough and durable, polycarbonate sheets, rods, and tubes are usually associated with applications requiring high impact or repeated use.

Significantly stronger than plate glass and acrylic, polycarbonate sheets are a lightweight, economical glazing material that provides increased protection against high traffic use, vandalism and theft.

Used extensively in architectural applications, polycarbonate sheets, rods, and tubing are energy efficient, due to its excellent insulating qualities, when compared to glass of equal thickness. Polycarbonate allows up to 90 percent transmittance of solar energy and 88 percent of visible light. Tints and patterns can be added to help reduce heat gain and to enhance its use in architectural design applications.

Sign grade polycarbonate is specially formulated to provide excellent resistance to the weathering effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. Along with its high impact characteristics, polycarbonate is a good choice for outdoor, and high use, sign applications.

In security applications, polycarbonate laminates provide proven resistance to both physical and ballistic attacks. A variety of polycarbonate, and polycarbonate/acrylic, configurations offer different levels of protection ranging from containment up to UL Level 3 bullet resistance.

Polycarbonate is more dimensionally stable than acrylic over a wide temperature range. And, compared to acrylic, it is only slightly less transparent. Standard polycarbonate doesn't weather well over time but additives and coatings can be incorporated that significantly increase the weatherability of the polycarbonate.

Because its surface is soft, compared to acrylic, polycarbonate sheets are more prone to scratching. Abrasion-resistant coatings can be added to significantly reduce this shortcoming of polycarbonate.

Typical Polycarbonate Applications

Polycarbonate sheets are used for such applications as:

  • Machine guards
  • Light lenses
  • Signs
  • Resistant glazing
  • Window and architectural glazing
  • Bus shelters and mass transit applications
  • Doors
  • Food applications (FDA-grade)
  • Race Car Windshields
Polycarbonate Sheets Ordering Options

Ordering Options

Midland offers polycarbonate sheets, rods and tubing.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate Sheet Sizes – Polycarbonate sheets range in thicknesses from .007-inch to 6 inches. Thicknesses up to .030-inch are available in 24-by-48 inch sheets. Above this thickness, a variety of sizes are available from 48 by 96 inches to 72 by 120 inches.

Polycarbonate Sheet Colors – Polycarbonate sheets are available from Midland Plastics in clear, bronze tint, gray tint, white opaque, black and red opaque.

Specialty Polycarbonate Sheets – Midland stocks polycarbonate sheets in FDA-compliant, as well as machine and containment grades. We also carry bullet-resistant and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate mirror is available for high impact environments. Mirror may also be ordered with a scratch-resistant coating to maintain clarity.

Polycarbonate Rods

Polycarbonate Rod Sizes – Diameters range from 1/8-inch outer diameter (OD) to 6 inches OD. Diameters between 1/8 inch and 3 inches are available in 8-foot sections. Diameters above 3 inches are available in 4-foot sections.

Polycarbonate Rod Colors – Clear and black.

Polycarbonate Tubing

Polycarbonate Tubing Sizes – Inner diameter (ID) dimensions ranging from 1/8 inch to 11-3/4 inches, with a variety of wall thicknesses are available. Standard rod lengths are 8 feet.

Polycarbonate Tubing Colors - Clear only.