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Acrylic Plastics

Acrylic plastics, often referred to by familiar trade names like Plexiglas® and Acrylite® is strong, lightweight and more resistant to impact than glass. It’s highly weather and chemical-resistant, and is available through Midland in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and textures.

Typical Acrylic Plastics Applications

Acrylic plastics are used in applications such as:

  • Point of purchase displays (POP)
  • Window and architectural glazing
  • Boat parts
  • Signs & exhibits
  • Lighting diffusers and skylights
  • Sporting goods
  • Picture framing
Acrylic Plastics

Ordering Options

Midland offers acrylic plastics in a variety of sheet, rod and rigid tubing configurations, as well in the form of an acrylic mirror.

Acrylic Plastics - Sheet

Colors and Textures – Acrylic plastic sheest from Midland are available in clear, translucent and fluorescent colors, opaque colors and a variety of surface textures.

Acrylic Plascic Sheet Sizes – Standard sheet sizes range from 48 by 96 inches to 72 by 120 inches, with thicknesses ranging from .030 inches to 4 inches. Custom thicknesses and sheet sizes are available, depending on order size.

We offer many specialty versions with features such as enhanced UV filtering, UV transparency, increased abrasion resistance or increased impact resistance.

Customers may order sheets cut-to-size. To maximize yield and keep our customers’ costs down, Midland selects the optimal sheet size for every order.

Acrylic Plastics - Rod

Midland offers acrylic rod in both cast and extruded versions and in clear and colors. Cast rod is more optically clear and has better machinability than extruded rod. If clarity or machinability are not critical issues, extruded may be a better value.

Sizes – Cast rods are available in stock diameters ranging from ¼-inch to 8 inches; custom sizes may be ordered. Extruded rod is available in diameters ranging from 1/16th-inch to 2 inches.

Acrylic Plastics - Tubing

Like acrylic rod, acrylic plastic tubing is available in both cast and extruded versions. A variety of wall thicknesses are available for both types.

Acrylic Plastic Tubing Sizes and Colors – Cast tubing (clear only) is available from 1-¼ inch to 27-5/8 inches outer diameter (O.D.). For extruded tubes, we carry stock sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 6 inches O.D. in clear. Colors are available up to 12 inches O.D.

Acrylic Plastics - Mirror

Customers choose acrylic mirror over glass for its light weight and ease of installation. Midland carries acrylic mirror in a variety of thicknesses, color tints and quality grades.