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Acetal plastic’s benefits include a low coefficient of friction, high strength, low moisture absorption and easy machinability. It is excellent for applications with close-tolerance mechanical parts, as electrical insulators or in FDA applications such as food service. Acetal plastic retains its toughness through a broad temperature range and is a good choice in wet environments. In abrasive wear applications, nylon may be a better choice than Acetal.

Acetal plastics are used for such applications as:

  • Bearings and bushings
  • Gears
  • Rollers
  • Cams
  • Valves
  • Impellers
  • Food conveyors
  • Electrical components
Acetal Ordering Options

Ordering Options

Midland stocks acetal plastic in homopolymer (Delrin®) and copolymer versions as well as enhanced bearing-grade formulations using PTFE and other internal lubricants. Copolymer acetal is more resistant to hot water and hot air than the homopolymer formulation.

Acetal is available in sheet (plate), rod and custom tubular bar.


Sizes – Available in thicknesses of .030” up to 4.5”, and in sizes from 24 inches wide to 144 inches long.


Sizes – Diameter sizes range from .062 inches to 9.00 inches.

Tubular Bar

Custom tubular bar may be special-ordered through Midland.