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ABS Plastics

ABS plastics are combination of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene resins. They are hard and durable through a broad range of temperatures. ABS plastics are highly versatile plastics. It bonds well using either adhesive or solvent cement. ABS plastics can be painted, screen-printed and chrome-plated.

ABS plastics extruded into sheets are used extensively for vacuum and pressure forming. Sheets are often extruded with surface texturing.

Typical ABS Plastics Applications

ABS Plastics are easily machined and in thinner gauges easily die cut. ABS plastics are used for such applications as:

  • Panels for refrigerators
  • Musical instrument and equipment cases
  • Luggage
  • Food trays
  • Belt guards
  • Covers
  • Storage bins
ABS Plastics
  ABS Plastics


ABS Plastics Grades and Characteristics

Midland Plastics offers a variety of ABS Plastic grades with such characteristics as heat resistance, flame resistance and weatherability for outdoor use.

Ordering Options Midland offers ABS Plastics in sheet and rod:

ABS Plastic Sheet Sizes –Standard sizes are 48 by 96 inches or 54 by 94 inches, with standard thickness ranging from .031 inches to .236 inches.

ABS Plastic Sheet Colors – Many colors, types and surface textures are available.

ABS Plastic Sheet Additives – Static dissipative and UV-resistant coatings available

ABS Plastic Rod Sizes Sizes – Standard diameters from 0.25 inches to 6 inches

ABS Plastic Rod Colors – Black and natural colors


ABS Plastics from Midland Plastics