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Acrylic & Acrylic Mirror

Acrylic is an ideal product for use in marine environments. It has higher impact and light transmission (clear) than glass and is highly weather resistant. Acrylic sheet is available in clear, a wide variety of translucent tints, opaque colors and surface textures.

It is easy to machine and thermoform making it ideal for applications such as:

  • Doors
  • Hatches
  • Covers
  • Windscreens
  • Partitions

Marine-Grade Acrylic Mirror

Strong and lightweight, Midland’s marine-grade acrylic mirror is sought-after for its superior quality, weatherability, optical clarity and ease of installation. It is designed specifically for marine applications, such as baths and showers. It is thoroughly inspected to high, exacting standards.


With Midland marine-grade acrylic mirror:

  • The protective masking can be tacked and retacked up to nine times for positioning and alignment during installation or fabrication.
  • Paint used on the back of the mirror is highly resistant to scratching and is solvent-resistant for better durability during installation.

Premium-Grade Acrylic Mirror

Another excellent mirror for most general applications is Midland’s premium-grade mirror. It does not have the masking and backing of the marine-grade premium grade mirror. However, more colors are available in premium-grade.

Acrylic & Acrylic Mirror

Ordering Options

Both marine-grade and premium-grade mirrors:

Size – Midland offers both mirrors in .118-inch and .236-inch thicknesses

Colors – Marine-grade – Available in clear, bronze or gray substrates.

Premium grade – Additional colors available

Scratch-resistance – Both marine-grade and premium can be manufactured with optional scratch-resistant hard coat surfaces.

Pressure-sensitive backing – For ease of installation on clean flat surfaces, both premium and marine-grade mirrors can be supplied with a pressure-sensitive backing to reduce installation time without sacrificing aesthetics.

Acrylic & Acrylic Mirror Alternatives


For high-impact marine environments, Midland recommends polycarbonate mirror. For custom shower and bath applications, order anti-fog polycarbonate mirrors.