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Midland Plastics Custom plastic components manufacturer, fabricator and assembler

5-axis CNC Routing

Fabricating 3-dimensional parts requires more routing flexibility and versatility than a 3-axis router can provide. Midland’s 5-axis routers, with their multiple-axis robotic heads, can trim and route parts that are deep, or have multiple surfaces and angles, such as vacuum or pressure formed parts.

Typical Midland applications on the 5-axis routers are:

  • Trimming and routing vacuum and pressure-formed parts
  • Post-bend trimming of heat or cold-bent parts
  • Routing cylinders or tubing
  • Post-fabrication of assemblies and subassemblies

Midland uses a variety of 5-axis routers with capacities up to 120 inches long and a depth of 24 inches. In addition, we use split-beds on some of our routers to allow for improved efficiency in loading and unloading of smaller parts during the routing process. We can load or unload one part while another is being routed.

5-axis CNC Routing

Tight, consistent tolerances

Working with this advanced technology lets our professionals hold tight production tolerances. As a result, we can route intricate shapes with high repeatability over the entire production run.

5-axis CNC Routed Parts