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Midland Plastics Custom plastic components manufacturer, fabricator and assembler

3-axis CNC Routing

To ensure our customers receive consistent, quality products, Midland uses advanced 3-axis and 5-axis CNC routing technologies. We create custom plastic components from sheet or we machine and trim parts created from other operations such as vacuum and pressure forming, heat and cold bending and drape forming.

3-axis CNC Routing

3-axis CNC routers are used primarily to manufacture 2-dimensional parts from flat sheet. The largest router can manage parts as large as 63 by 102 inches with a cut depth of up to 6 inches. This depth is important if material needs to be removed or graduated levels are machined into a part. To give our customers maximum cost efficiency, we frequently run multiple parts simultaneously, thanks to our routers’ multiple cutting and drilling heads.

Typical Midland applications on the 3-axis routers are:

  • Cutting prefabrication blanks
  • Drilling or generating holes
  • Crowning edges
  • Routing or drilling cutouts, signage, steps, pockets and counter-bores

Tight, consistent tolerances

Working with this advanced technology lets our professionals hold tight production tolerances. As a result, we can route intricate shapes with high repeatability over the entire production run.